Monday, December 10, 2012

I love Gruet!

I don't usually talk "wine clubs" on here, but I am a member of a few, and a big fan. Every time the UPS man comes to my house it is Wino Christmas morning. 

Imagine my glee this frosty December day when my Santa in brown brought me a giant box from the Gruet Winery... How much bubbles is inside?! 

Tearing into said giant box of wine, I was greeted by 2 smiling faces (it is my story and my wine smiles!)...

A Magnum, of Blanc de Noirs?! For me?!

Now, this delivery is especially notable because I was at Gruet a little over 2 weeks ago and the awesome tasting room ladies filled me in on how involved the Gruet's are in their wine club. For each of the 6 yearly shipments (not during the hot months) the Gruet's handpick 2-6 bottles to be shipped, staying right around $80. The November shipment (which I took home with me from the winery) was their newly disengorged Gilbert Gruet prestige cuvee and their Brut Rose (both were delicious, but that is for another post).

This brings me to my point about the greatness of this club, just before Christmas and the New Year I am thoughtfully shipped a Magnum and a vintage Blanc de Blanc, this screams holiday celebration: Magnums are SO fun and SO festive.

The Gruet's know what they're doing.

(I recommend stopping in to visit their urban winery in Albuquerque if you're ever in the area)

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