Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ft. Worth Wine Tasting Club, Tasting #2

This month we met up for our first annual "Hallowines" tasting (bring a clever Halloween themed bottle) and we had some fun! Clearly the PoiZin was the clear winner for style (yay, Wanda!) although Jen dressed her Ghost Pines in a full ghost get up, so maybe it was a draw in the style category!

For taste, Brandon's Cab-Merlot-Carmenere was my favorite, nice smoky, earthiness made it a rich departure from the fruitier wines the rest of us brought.

The most surprising bottle was the Frascati, a year ago it was no where, since July I've tried 4. Very appley and with a zippy acidity, it was perfect for BBQ on the porch.

Duck contributed a spicy and clever "House Wine" red, and Tink brought a Texas Merlot by CapRock that is actually good (surprising for a Texas red, the good ones are still in the minority enough to warrant surprise).

So for now, our social gatherings are a good way for everyone to get to know each other, but tasting boot camp is coming in January, so get the taste buds ready! Thanks to all who made it!

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