Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cotes du Rhone... I still love you!

While my current winefriend might be Cab Franc, my long time love has always been Cotes du Rhone; always dependable, always yummy, and always cheap. Mmmm, cheap.
Tonight marks the last Friday I will ever be in my 20s. So after an especially amateur filled work night, I took myself out for something nice. Mushrooms Neptune, blue cheese broiled rare filet and crimini mushrooms AND....
Maison Paul Jaboulet
"Parallele 45"
60% Grenache, 40% Syrah
Cotes du Rhone, France
I classed it up with Ivy and Fibonacci in the background, because seriously, this wine is $26 a bottle, AT A RESTAURANT.
Lets all be honest friends here a second, restaurants mark up between 2-4 HUNDRED percent on bottles, so this sweet little spicy gem is like $9 at the store.
Anyway, I am a fan of this wine. Ruby-purple, loads of blackberry wrapped black pepper and smoke, snappy acidity, right amount of dirty earthy love, and a solid smooth finish, this works great with any food... As evidenced by my cheesy crab stuffed mushrooms, steak, blue cheese, and more mushrooms.
Like my bestie Cab Franc, this goes for all kinds of wine lovers, the light spicy Pinot Noirs and big and beautiful Cabernets alike.  Grenache is such a flirty little grape, trying to please everyone and be everything to everyone, and Syrah is a cowboy in a tuxedo... rough and unrefined yet dark and gorgeous and ready to... um, we were talking about wine, right?!
I know I talk a lot about "BBQ wines"... but I live in Texas, we would barbeque Cheerios if we could (or fry it, see a Champagne entry for that love) so it makes sense to think smoky and chilled.
Either way, minus the 6 buttholes who think $52 is an acceptable amount to leave on a $400 check, best last 20s Friday ever. And great cheap wine makes everything better.

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