Friday, March 30, 2012

Adami Prosecco

Bosco di Gica Brut Prosecco (NV)
Valsobbiadene- DOCG, Italy

So in celebration of me being back to writing about wine (and having a forum for my snarky comments) I thought I'd write about bubbles.

I am a bubble-holic.

Chances are on any given day I'll pick a sparkling glass of yum over a still one.

This is a prosecco that we got by "accident" at work (by accident I mean Emily sweetly asked if she could ship us this a couple weeks ago in lieu of our other Adami Prosecco that they were out of) and I'm really glad we did! This was a real surprise.

This Bosco (as it shall heretofore be called since I can't say many of the other words) was a nutty, biscuity glass of delightful. It has a lot of the characteristics of some of my favorite Champagnes (Shout out Veuve!) and I don't normally find that in a prosecco. In fact I usually find proseccos to be more "pro-whatever the Italian word for sweet is", and flat.

Since I don't have a Champagne budget, this $11 bottle is a great everyday sparkling. Not sweet, but not bitter, the yeasty nutty notes give it real depth and richness. It finishes long so you can savor the flavors after each sip.

I'll toast to that!

Ohhh, and fun fact of the day: Prosecco not only means "dry sparkling", but is made from Glera grapes which are just called Prosecco grapes. Those Italians, making everything so simple.

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