Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Somebody's a Sommelier Now!

So, I know this happened a month ago, but I still have to pinch myself, that after talking about taking it for years (actually, whining about how I needed to do it to Boyfriend), I FINALLY passed my Level 1!

Yes, there are 3 more levels to go before total wine world domination, but like the great Neil Armstrong said "one small step for wino, one giant leap toward wine domination" (well, he meant to say it that way).

The best thing? Now when snotty people roll their eyes at me in my wine bar and condescend "what, are you a Sommelier or something?" I get to smile and say yes.

As someone who likes to use my powers for good, I also started a Ft. Worth wine tasting group for my fellow "smellies", other service types, and of course citizen winos, we have our first meeting Sunday and i am a little more than nervous about the prospect. But here's to growth and a continued drive toward winos the world over!

(In short, this just means I will be drinking my <$20 wine pinkie up!)

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