Saturday, January 26, 2013

Andrew Will Cabernet Franc

Andrew Will
Cabernet Franc
Columbia Valley, Washington
Lately I have been obsessed with Cab Franc. It is a great varietal, almost always dependably full of sour cherries, red raspberries, and violets, with nice searing acidity, especially from Washington, so it is the perfect wine to pair with food as it refreshes the palate, and isn't as thick, fruity, and tannic as Cabernet Sauvignon.
The Andrew Will delivers on everything I expect from a nice Cab Franc. Nice dark red with purplish hues, it has a lovely nose of vanilla and flowers opening up into lush ripe berries and red fruit. I like to drink this wine fairly cold, and the zippy acidity clears the way for a lush medium+ weighted wine full of strawberry, sour cherry, violets, with low/medium tannin. As it warms, a smooth herbal peppery finish lingers for an appropriate amount of time.
While I appreciate Cab Franc for its easy pairing ability, many will love this wine for its easy drinking nature, almost like it is a starter Cab. If I can make a Wino suggestion... pick this wine or any Cab Franc to please a table of wine drinkers who can't agree on a varietal (Pinot Noir vs Cab Sauv... ding ding ding). Also as a "lesser known" varietal you can find extraordinary values on wine lists (unless it is Cheval Blanc, then hope someone else is paying!).
So as I step off my Cab Franc soap box, I leave you with this, at $32 at Zambrano's go buy this wine and some rich fatty cheese (sharp cheddar, cranberry stilton, Danish blue) and then call and invite me over so you can thank me for rocking your wine world!

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