Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rotta Cab Franc

Cabernet Franc
Dino Boneso Vineyard, Paso Robles
I am going to continue to write about Cab Franc until you all get off your Wino butts and go buy it. We can make Cab Franc cool.
Now those of you who know me know I have no self control when it comes to drinking new wines. I pulled a good ole switcheroo on one very sweet Jen, taking this bottle off her hands and giving her my off-dry Prosecco at our company way belated Christmas party on Sunday. The cork stayed in this bottle for about 3 hours once I procured it.
Don't judge, I love me some Cab Franc.
And this one was a lot to love. I decanted it for a good amount of time, read: the 30 min it took me to drink my other bottle. It was gloriously brick-red and immediately told me of its Cab Franciness with aromas of cherries, strawberries, and violets. Oh Cab Franc, you are so dependable, you never let me down... now if the Court of master Sommeliers would just give me one of you during my blind taste tests in August... but I digress.
Upon sipping this delight, I got tongue evidence that my nose was right, and a surprising punch of acidity. It was all soft and sweet fruit and flowers and vanilla, then like Emeril... BAM! ACID! Now I see why the label helpfully suggested drinking this with "pasta and good friends", I don't normally eat my friends, but next time I do this wine will be the one to refresh my palate!
So as this was bottle #2 I didn't finish it night of, but I refrigerated the leftovers, and was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find it drinking BETTER than on Sunday. The acid had tamed a bit, but was still evident and the sweet vanilla was more pronounced. Maybe I should have decanted it for longer than 30 min. Guess I'll just have to get another bottle and try again.
There you go, and no more Cab Franc posts for the rest of the week. Wino's honor!

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