Monday, January 28, 2013

Rubrato Aglianico something Italian di something else Italian

Rubrato Aglianico Dei Feudi Di San Gregorio
IGT Campania Aglianico
Italy 2005
I am currently on a quest to try 100 different grape varietals. To some people, this may sound easy, but I am a Wino to the Nth degree and have thus far only been able to list 74, thus my venture into Aglianico.
Back to the beginning... After work I like to go to Zambrano's, it is my classy wine version of cheers, and I love that I can buy a bottle retail. Even better, Cef usually is my Ms. Cleo, he reads my mind and tells me what I want, with a smooth Caribbean accent and colorful clothes. Anyway, Friday night I was a little too wine-fried (meaning I had to spend too much time and energy being Ms. Cleo myself) to be able to pick my own bottle, in come Ceferino Cleo...
Now he has a 92.3% success rate, far better than the actual Ms. Cleo when choosing a wine I will like... this one has resulted in a downgrade to merely 92%.  Maybe on another day, maybe with different food, maybe a different mood, but I was just not feeling this bottle of dried fruit goop.
Yes, goop. Almost as bad and in your face as one Gwenyth Paltrow who also makes GOOP.
Back to the wine... It was all to dried fruit and viscous and no backbone of acidity like I have come to expect from Italian wine. It was like a port gone blah. Which I will say may have its place with certain food, or a certain day, but it was just not what I wanted. I am never one to write off a wine entirely (except you White Zinfandel, we are enemies) so I will try it again, but for now, thanks for being Grape #74.

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