Monday, January 28, 2013

Primus "The Blend"

"The Blend"
 (29% Cab, 28% Syrah, 25% Carmenere, 18% Merlot)
Vermonte, Chile 2009
I love things that remind me of Transformers. And a wine with such a badass name needed to be bought and drunk. Now a badass wine with such Optimus Prime style grapes in it needs to be decanted... wait 90 minutes...
But we are all about instant gratification here Winos, so I won't make you wait.
This wine was MASSIVE! Rich, dark fruit nose, almost showing intense summer berry sticky sweetness, with lots of oak, cassis, blue and black fruit. Thick on the tongue with a surprising finish of acidity and a pop of boysenberry. Dense and rich through each sip, but taming the tannins with ripe fruit and jammy, yet not sweet, structure.
As it opened and warmed from cellar temp, the acid was more pronounced with black raspberry and maintained a fresh, ripe, lingering berry with a touch of spice.
Great wine for BBQ, or by itself. I was impressed, at $16.49 at Kroger, this drank like  much more expensive bottle. Something I love... less than $20 and a sexy delicious wine that would even impress the most Wino amongst us. Just make sure to buy another bottle to help fill your at least 90 min decant time!

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