Friday, July 22, 2011

Butter by JaM

Butter by Jam Cellars
Chardonnay - 2009
Napa, California

I love Jam's cab and blend, so naturally I was expecting big things from this wine, and I can say I was not disappointed!

Those of you that know me know my general aversion to chards (the only Chardonnay I ever liked was the villan in Footballers' Wive$ who famously said "darling, the bottle IS the new glass"), I normally find them icky and unimpressive. Much to my surprise this wine actually put me on my summer chardonnay kick, it's that good.

In the glass it has a light gold "vegetable oil" look with a good even tone. Immediately I was struck by the toasty vanilla nose, it burst out of the glass and could be smelled throughout the room. When I finally closed my eyes and sipped it I found light notes of honey, light oak, light spice, and of course warm butter. Delicious! It acheives a very nice buttery lingering finish without being over oaked.

The weight and creaminess of this wine makes it perfect to drink alone, but it is sturdy and bold enough to hold up to a rich fatty ribeye (which we of course ate with it). As the bottle warms from fridge cold the toasty vanilla becomes more prominant.

I love this wine and I cannot reccommend it enough. If you find it, buy it.

More important, Boyfriend likes it.

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