Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spelletich Cabernet

Spelletich Cellars Reserve
Cabernet - 2006
Napa, California

I love cabs. I would say it is my go-to variety. I love them all, even a teeth coating tannin-fest or fruit forward oaky cab. Doesn't matter the region even, love love love.

This cab has a nice deep purple color right to the edges. Nice nose of berries and toasty vanilla. From a brand new bottle, been in the glass for 5 min as I checked Facebook and typed this (phone and tablet, I'm so tech savvy). Nice smooth spicy vanilla wood berry flavored. Very yum. Medium tannin, lovely toasty finish. This wine has everything I love about cabs. It is deep and sensuous, silky with a bite and a lingering finish that leaves you satisfied long after your last sip. Delicious. I keep tasting the finish and I want a giant glass, followed by 2 more.

This sublimely drinkable cab is easy to drink alone, is sturdy enough to drink with a big steak, but subtle enough to go with shellfish. Mmmm, I am thinking about this wine with some lobster...

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