Friday, July 22, 2011

Numanthia "Termes"

Numanthia "Termes"
Tempranillo - 2007
Valdefinjas, Spain

Cef Zambrano (owner of my favorite wine bar and retail shop here in Ft. Worth) recommended this to me when I came looking for a bold interesting red (all these summer whites are great, but I need teeth staining bold every now and again). He proudly told me this wine just got a 92 from Wine Spectator, I generally find thier ratings to be inaccurate, wrought with favoritism, and douchey so I wasn't impressed initially, but I was eager to try something Cef spoke so highly of.

It. Blew. My. Mind.

I've had the 100 point Penfolds "Grange", and this was better.

At Cef's recommendation I let it decant in the glass for 30 min while I whipped up late night spicy chicken spaghetti. It sat there dark purple with ruby edges beckoning me and trying my patience (not my strongest virtue). After the obligatory wait time I gave it a sniff, chocolate covered cherries with a hint of wooded licorice rewarded my patience. The Boyfriend who "didn't want a glass" and proceeded to steal mine threw in his couch commentary "it smells like candy!"

When I finally took a sip my mouth was filled with a velvety lucious wine that exploded with flavors of chocolate, wood, spice, and a toasty almost nutty finish. The layered richness was perfectly balanced, no over-powering tannins or alcohol to detract from all the good. I could see this cellaring and improving, but knowing how good this is, it is unlikely it would last 48 hours at my house.

How much was this bottle of amazing? $31.00 yes, that cheap. Go buy it now. You'll thank me, I sure know Cef is getting a hug from me for this wonderful gem.

And yes, it was even better with the spaghetti.

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