Friday, July 22, 2011

Schild Estate "GMS"

Schild Estate "GMS"
Rhone blend (Grenache, Mourvedre, Shiraz) - 2009
Barossa Valley, South Australia

I like Rhone blends. I like the juicy meets peppery melding of grenache and syrah/shiraz. Of course the ratio of each, combined with the old vs new world winemaking style, you never quite know what to expect with these wines, you could get a pepper bomb like the St. Cosme or you could get this GMS...

This blend is possibly the grapiest wine I have ever had. It almost finishes like those grape gummy fruit snacks, great for my inner kid, but very surprising to my palate. Yes, wine is made from grapes, but rarely do you find such a pronounced statement of that flavor in wine.

On the nose I get currants and cherries. It is an easy drinking wine, showing excellent juiciness and the fact it is unoaked allows for the fruit to finish smoothly and linger.

The long pleasant finish makes it a great choice for solo drinkability, but I would take it to a cookout, plunge it in the beer ice bucket for a short spell and enjoy the juiciness opening up as it warmed up (plus it's a screw top, good for the casual outdoor gathering).

This is a great wine for Pinot Noir drinkers wanting to branch out, or heavier red drinkers in the summer. Also as a Rhone lover it is a refreshing break from the traditional French peppery blends.

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