Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some people call me a wino.
Others call me a wine snob.
Most call me bartender and shake their empty glass at me or snap their fingers and do a finger wavy thing at me (I really hate that).

I am an oenophile who has embarked on a never ending journey to drink every wine, visit every vineyard, learn and experience every aspect of wine from the vine to the bottle to my tongue.

Currently, I bartend in a wine bar in Fort Worth, Texas. Before you laugh, it's an amazing place to be. With such an entrenched beer culture and such a fledgling wine industry Texas is ripe for earning it's Wino status. I have so many people come through my bar doors thinking they know everything about wine or too timid to try anything new. I probably spend 90% of my time asking questions to identify what people are REALLY asking for. It sometimes gets repetitive, and it is often time exhausting trying to convince a middle aged woman Zinfandel is not actually pink, but it has it's moments. I can still gleefully recall a staunch Pinot Noir drinker trying a Rhone blend and falling in love and a fearful White Zin drinker getting excited over an Argentine Torrontes.

I am always trying to document and explain wine for people. I try to outline what they like and why they like it. After working so hard on getting their palates satisfied I am often asked "well, what do you like?"... to which I normally respond "well, it depends on my mood really". When really I am painfully trying to sort through the bajillions of wines I've had over the 12+ years I've been drinking wine (Mom, it was all legal, the drinking ages in Argentina, England, and Australia are lower than here).

I now fit the cliche "I've forgotten more about wine than some people know".

I aim to stop that. DING! Light goes off in my wine cloudy brain....

Before I begin my quest for my Sommelier certification Summer of 2012 and my formal enological and viticultural studies the Spring of 2013 I should probably get all my tasting notes together in one place.

I should probably SHARE those notes with everyone, because, well, everyone keeps asking me about wine all the time and truly great wine finds and pairings need to be shared.

Welcome to my palate, let's get drinking!

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