Saturday, July 23, 2011

Woolaston Pinot Noir (2006)

Pinot Noir - 2006
Nelson, South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand makes a great pinot and a great sauv blanc, so naturally I was intrigued to try it (that and the Steelers drank us out of it, twice, during the Super Bowl, that has to count for something). This winery is certified organic and is praised for their sustainable agricultural practices... Being nice to the earth and making wine? Yes please!

I was sadly underwhelmed. Surprisingly astringent and tannic for a pinot. I get hints of rhubarb and red fruit, but I lose it in the harsh finish. The bitter alcohol finish lingers agonizingly.

The bottle was new so I decided to let the wine decant in the glass for 30 min to see if any of the harshness dissipates (I sipped a lovely French Rhone blend in the meantime, see E. Gugal)...

Ok, much better. It opens to a nice spice and wood with a delightful dryness, a bit unexpected from a pinot I would usually expect a silky light fruit. The nose reveals dark fruit and warm oak. A decent heavy (for the varietal) dry pinot.

If buying a bottle I would decant no less than 30-45 minutes, I get the feeling this is a "better the next day" wine.

**We now carry the 2008 of this wine, going to re-taste and see if there are vintage variations, aka see if it gets better.

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