Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spell Zinfandel

Zinfandel - 2006
Amador County, California

The daughter of Spelletich Cellars owners branched out and made a wonderful and unique zin, and I am not just talking about the psychadelic label (although it is pretty cool in a world of blah labels, 10 points for style).

Let me begin by saying this wine might be the biggest fruit bomb ever to pass my lips. It doesn't drink like the zins I am used to, it's an explosion of super ripe fruit and berries with a knockout alcohol content (16.5% who wants to get tore up?), but there is no alcohol burn or lingering astringent taste. No way, the explosion of fruit covers just about everything. Medium oaky, nary a tannin, and a bit of spice in the mid-palate makes this one yummy wine.

I would say this bottle of delicious is parked midway between a pinot and a cab as far as body, and would provide an excellent stepping stone into zins or a step up from pinots for novice red drinkers or peole who like silky fruit heavy wines.

This wine is hard to come by, my bar has it, so does Zambrano's, but I haven't come accross it in the store. Direct from the winery one of my regulars found it for $16.99 a bottle, which is a downright steal (she thought so too and bought a case after trying it the first time).

I highly recommend!

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