Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marques de Gelida Cava Rose

Marques de Gelida
Brut Reserva Cava Rose (100% Pinot Noir) - 2006
Catalunya, Spain

I do not drink pink wine. I have this terrible fear someone will see me drinking a rose and think it is white zin, thus dashing my (in my mind anyway) awesome reputation for drinking good wine only.

Pink bubbly I can get behind. Usually sparkling roses have only the slightest tint of pink pale like a bubbling pink diamond (I like pink diamonds, hint hint boyfriend), but this one is a lot more pink, like a glmmering sapphire (I also like these).

It has the same yeasty citrusy nose of most sparkling wines. Nice tingley tiny bubbles that feel fuzzy on the tongue. Nice and crisp and refreshing, I get more of a sparkling cranberry-apple cider taste than a biscuity flavor common to bubbly. A very nice refreshing option, like a pre-mixed poinsetta, different than most. A nice after dinner wine or in middle of the day relaxing poolside staring at the hot pool boy... You know, whenever.

I don't think I could do more than 2 glasses of this, so I would recommend sharing, the color makes it most festive so try a baby shower or bachelorette party or girls' night in. I am all for equality, so I will recommend it for a fantasy football draft too... Too far? Just try it, it is tasty.

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