Saturday, July 23, 2011

E. Gugal Cotes du Rhone

E. Gugal 
Rhone blend (mostly grenache) - 2007
Appellation Controlee Cotes du Rhone, France

I know, I know, another Rhone blend! Shut it, I like them and it is a good summer wine. And as I have said before, they're all very different. This is a happy medium, like if the Schild GMS and the St. Cosme had a baby wine.

While the varietals in the blend are not listed, the ruby color and juicy finish scream grenache. It is a light, fruity, soft, medium-bodied wine with hardly a hint of tannin. A perfect sipping wine, best served a little cooler than room temperature.

This is a tasty blend brimming with red cherries, soft wood, and subtle pepper on the mid-palate. The pepper is more pronounced as it warms, but never reaches overwhelming since it enhances the fruit and gives depth as opposed to competing with it.

My favorite Rhone thus far. One of my regulars who was a timid pinot noir only drinker loves this and has excitedly begun a quest to out drink me in Rhone blends (not gonna happen sister), a great "try something new/different" wine and great for the summer since it isn't too heavy and chills nicely without losing it's oomph.

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