Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hahn SLH Chardonnay

Hahn Wineries
Chardonnay - 2009
Santa Lucia Highlands, California

2009 is lauded as one of the best years in recent memory for California chardonnays (thank you Wine Spectator, I still shamlessly read you even if I disagree with your preferential reviews... Steps off soap box), and the Hahn 2009 chardonnay is lovely proof of that.

I am on my great summer chardonnay kick, and this chardonnay is the one I measure all others on.

The nose is a toasty buttery prelude to the toasty-vanilla-butter amazingness that awaits in the glass. Crisp and clean the finish reveals a lingering sweet butter, like a savory buttercream frosting. Amazing and more citrusy and pineappley cold, as it warms the butter flavor is more pronounced and rich. This is all acheived without an interjection of an over oaked wine making.

Basically the perfect chardonnay.

Want further encouragement? I probably go through 2 cases a week at work, and every single person lauds on how delicious it is. That and when people ask for a chard I know they'll love it so I recommend it or just pour it and tell them they will like it, I have a 100% success rate, thankyouverymuch, curtsey.

Get it. Drink it. Thank me later, or call me and we can share a bottle, or just buy me a bottle.

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